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A Letter from Stacey and Anthony Lynn

We are both so grateful for the opportunities and support we have received as we built our careers and the life we now have together. Through The Lynn Family Foundation, we are dedicated to helping individuals recognize and achieve their potential in their personal and professional lives through mentorship, scholarships and experiences. We are so honored to be a part of P2Serve, where we are able to create a brighter future for children who may not have had all of the opportunities and support that we did. By building one of the first schools for the Maasai in Tanzania, we can make the dream of this brighter future a reality. Right now, there are few schools in the region, meaning many young people have limited options other than joining the military. For many girls some of the outcomes are unimaginable like being dragged into the sex trade.

Opening this school is giving children basic necessities like clean drinking water and two meals a day – but they will also have an education which will empower them with choices to build the futures that they deserve.

Always grateful,

Stacey & Anthony 

Gifts from our donors and partners allow P2Serve to pass 100% of public donations straight to our projects. We are deeply grateful for those who have surprised us with their generosity. A big thanks to the following partners who have helped make P2Serve’s work possible:

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