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Our Mission

Together, we are building a platform that brings together like-minded individuals dedicated to ending poverty by empowering communities through education.

About Us

We were looking for a way to combine our efforts and make an impact in the world.  We believe it is a privilege to be able to pay it forward and use our time, energy and resources to give all individuals opportunities like those we were blessed with. We are humbled by the privilege to serve and welcome you to join our mission.


A Letter from our Executive Director

My father is from a small village in India. His mother knew the importance of an education and sent him a day’s walk away to stay with relatives and learn English. With this education, he was able to bring his brothers, sisters, nephews and nieces to the United States, educate them and send them into life with all the tools to succeed. He is directly responsible for the success of hundreds of people and it all stemmed from a solid education.

I also have been so blessed throughout my life. Supportive family and mentors have inspired me to pay it forward to individuals with less opportunity.  I began to get involved with many charities throughout the world about fifteen years ago. I had the chance to mentor orphans in India. I also was lucky enough to build houses in Uganda, water wells in Burundi, as well as, schools and community centers in South Africa and Nicaragua. These projects and second jobs fulfilled me in a way I couldn’t have imagined.

In 2016, Donna Gunn from Africa Promise Village approached our organization, Privilege 2 Serve, and requested that we build a school for a project she has been working on for over ten years for the Maasai tribe in Tanzania. This seemed to be a perfect partnership that was meant to be. Together, in 2018 we travelled to break ground. It was clear that the Maasai people recognized the need to educate their youth so the community could thrive in the modern world. 

School begins for the K-3 grades in July, 2019 and so does the road to a newly minted future. The Maasai children will have access to clean water, clean clothes, two meal a day, computers and books. Within two years this youth will be literate in English which will open up a whole new world for each of them and their families. 

This project continues to be an incredible chance to give these children the opportunities we were blessed to have. As we work towards expanding educational opportunities for all ages, we are humbled by the  privilege to serve and hope you join us on this mission.


Thank you,


Ravi Reddy

Executive Director

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